5 Justin Bieber Lyrics That Characterize Him!

Justin Bieber – young, talented, flamboyant and entertaining. His achievements in the music industry are humongous. From a promising talent on YouTube to a pop sensation, JB has come a long way to being the highest earning artists of recent times. Along the way, he has gotten in trouble with the law a few times. Adding to the injury, one of Bieber’s music video possesses the infamous tag of the ‘video with most dislikes.’ How can we understand Justin Bieber? His Snapchat videos, interactions and PR all help. But you can also look at some of his lyrics to give you an insight about him. Here are a few lyrics that might help to decipher Bieber’s character:


5. “I got money in my hands, that I’d really like to blow.”

– Boyfriend

He is filthy rich. And at such a young age! He’s known for his spendthrift flings – the appalling one of all is renting out the entire Staples Center so that he could watch a private screening of Titanic with girlfriend Selena Gomez. He owns many cars, a $1 million LaFerrari included. Bieber also has associates who live and travel with him. Lavish vacations, frequent partying, marijuana, what not?

4. “I never like to admit that I was wrong.”

– Love Yourself

That he doesn’t like to admit his mistakes is quite obvious from these lyrics. Bieber once pleaded not guilty to the charges brought by the police for assaulting a limo drive in December 2015.

3. “I’m all about the elevation”

– Company

The Justmoji app stands testimony on how much confidence he has in himself. The Justmoji app launched in June 2016 has hundreds of emojis, GIFs, stickers and a meme maker bearing the likeness of JB. It reportedly cashes in $1 million a minute! It is also #1 on the App store!

2. “I’m used to making your day”

Nothing like us

Accidentally running into JB and taking selfies with him have happened to many fans. And it absolutely made their days! But maybe we fans were asking him too often or when it’s not appropriate or when he’s just not in the mood for it, he’d rather talk with you for a few minutes. In a recent Snapchat video, Bieber explains how the fans should behave when asking for photographs with him. Has any celebrity done that before? He at least told us!

1. “I don’t do too well with apologies”

– Sorry

Justin Bieber was arrested after speeding and drag racing in the streets of Miami in January 2014. He later commented on the issue saying “The police just wanted press. I never was speeding, I never was drag racing!”

Featured Image: Modified from Flickr/Joe Bielawa/CC BY 2.0


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