8 Actors We Would Love To See In One Actor Movies

Honorary Mentions 

Here are the actors who get honorary mentions to play a ‘one actor’ movie due to their incredible acting skills:

Denzel Washington: Could there be possibly anyone in this world, who isn’t captivated by Denzel Washington’s performances? He could wake up on any given day and play Obama if he wanted to!


Image Courtesy drcliffordchoi

Angelina Jolie: Arguably the most popular and celebrated actress of our time, Angelina Jolie is a phenomenon! Mental patient to action hero to a downcast mother, she’s done it all and won it all! In real life as well – actor, film maker, mother, humanitarian, cancer survivor…

photo credit: *ry* Angelina via photopin (license)

Now that you’ve seen the list, ponder whether you really want to watch these stars in one actor movies? Or will you be happy seeing them in an ensemble cast?

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