Animals In Your Dream – What Do They Mean?

Dreams are weird. Dreams are vivid. Most often we forget them soon. We see ourselves, our family and friends. Lucky ones see celebrities! We also see animals. It could be animals we dread but other times it could seem unrelated. Let’s look at what seeing animals in our dreams, convey in our real lives. I’ve chosen animals in the act of something as their implications can be more specific.

Ants Crawling On You

When you dream of ants crawling on you, it could mean that something is bothering or irritating you in life. It could also mean some unfinished business that you still have to complete.

Snake In Bed

If you find a snake in your bed in your dream, you may find yourself sexually overpowered. You may be in a relationship where you are forced into sex or sex without consent.

Snake Bite

If you have a nightmare where a snake has bitten you, it could point to new people in your life that you should NOT be too trusting of!

PC: Flickr/ Bernard Dupont/ CC BY – SA 2.0

Dog Attacking

Dreams where you are being attacked by a dog could convey that you are acting much on impulse and is a warning for the impulsive behavior.

Chased By A Bear

Being chased by a bear is a nightmare and it might imply that you are avoiding an important issue in your life. Time to deal with your problems!

PC: Flickr/ John Solaro/ CC BY – SA 2.0

Lizard Biting

Lizards biting humans is not so common in real life and if you find yourself being bitten by a lizard in your dream, it could suggest to NOT move on with any plans that you’ve recently made.

PC: Flickr/ Javier Abalos Alvarez/ CC BY – SA 2.0

Riding A Horse

If you are riding a horse in your dream, it could indicate that you will achieve success soon. It could also denote a high position that you will find yourself in. Essentially, becoming more powerful in the near future!

Holding Frogs

When you are holding a frog in your dream, it may hint that your wish will come true. No wonder frogs were a curse in fairy tales!

Riding An Elephant

Though you haven’t in your real life, riding an elephant in your dream denotes that you will possess wealth and honors. You have leadership qualities that will put you in a position of power!

Kangaroos In Dreams

One for the Aussies. Seeing a kangaroo in your dream could symbolize that you may be overly protective of something or someone.

On a personal note, I’ve had a dream (nightmare, rather) where I was being chased by a gecko-sized house lizard! And I’m a huge scoliodentosaurophobic! (Yes, you guessed it – fear of lizards) What could that mean?

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