Famous People Who Rode On Despite Their Disabilities!

Helen Keller, John Milton, Franklin Roosevelt, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles…these are just a few names that pop up instantly when you think of people who overcame their disabilities to become supreme achievers! They’ve shown us how an indomitable spirit can leap over boundaries, set by their own bodies, to accomplish the everlasting! Here is a list of other achievers who rode on despite their physical disabilities to become pioneers and acclaimed in their fields. Noteworthy that a couple of them on this list, developed disabilities due to old age but still continued their art and passion! Hats off to all of them, as Feedpecker celebrates December 3rd, The International Day For Persons With Disabilities!

(P.S: I didn’t know even some of them had a disability!)

Neil Young

By Stoned59 [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The celebrated Canadian singer and songwriter developed Polio when he was 9 years old during the 1951 Canadian epidemic. He was treated successfully and recovered from the illness. Remember this was a time before the Salk vaccine for Polio was invented in 1952! Neil Young had to learn to walk again following his recovery. A Heart Of Gold indeed!

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