8 Movies With Only One Actor Since 2000

Here are some movies with only one actor (mostly) since the year 2000 that did well in the box office and also bowled us over!

Movies with only one actor was long thought of as a challenge or experiment. But over the years, acclaimed and quality actors have rendered gripping performances in such movies. The scripts as well are absorbing and have us engrossed. We find from our research, that the recent movies are mostly survival adventure dramas whereas the older ones showcase personal lives. Following is our list of recent movies with mostly one actor:

8. Wrecked (2010)


A man (Adrian Brody) with no recollection of who he is, wakes up to find himself in a car crash in an uninhabited woodland. Hallucinations and a not-so-Good Samaritan worsen his plight and he must rely on his instincts to find help.

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