What Does Snake Poop Look Like?

Do snakes poop? Ever wondered what snake poop looks like?

Hypnotizing eyes, slithering bodies, spine chilling hiss, bone crushing strengths, shed skin…only these come to my mind when I think of snakes. But never ever thought of how they poop! My mind was probably lost in their other unique features that I not once pondered over this aspect. Until I was thinking of doing on a blog on animal poops! So here I am, researching on poops (I can hardly believe what I am doing!)

How Does Snake Poop Look?

By Alikai [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Here is a snake swallowing a whole chicken; and another gobbling up an egg

As living beings that eat in order to survive, snakes do have to poop. As we know, all snakes are carnivorous. Their diet includes small animals such as lizards, frogs, rats, birds, other snakes, etc. Since they cannot bite or tear their food, snakes ambush their prey and swallow them whole. If the prey is significantly large, they devour their prey by crushing them to a size that their mouth can widen and gobble up. As a result of swallowing whole prey, their poops will invariably contain indigestible contents such as fur, bones, scales, nails, etc.

Brace yourselves!!!


Image from Wildlife-Removal.com

Snake poop looks almost like bird or lizard droppings. They usually have a smooth, runny consistency with a white smeared throughout. Snakes poop and urinate at the same time. That’s why their poops are wet and runny. This is because they have only one opening called cloaca, to excrete waste. The white part in the poop is urea.

Like all other scat, they smell.


Image Courtesy

Where To Find Snake Poop?

You might’ve ignored it when you saw bird droppings in your attic or basement. Think again now! It might’ve been snake droppings! Or you would’ve even stepped on snake poop while taking a jog in the woods! Snakes live in the shadowy, closeted places and that is where we can find their poops. Snake catchers and critter controls often have to identify their poop in order to locate snakes.

So the next time you find a foul smelling, bird droppings-like poop with fur, bones, etc. in it…you know what to think of!

Featured Image photo credit: hehaden Green Tree Python via photopin (license)

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