How To Talk On The Phone?


It’s one’s livelihood, for another an avenue to make new deals, a custom to keep with the times, a sure way to get in touch with long lost ones and to keep in touch with everyone. The telephone/cellular phones serve these wonderful causes. Since the other person cannot see your face nor body language, how you talk on the phone becomes paramount in attaining your purposes or theirs. But if you do not know how to talk over the phone, it may cede dodgy impression and disillusionment. Knowing how to talk on the phone is an art and an absolute given in these times of the cyber world and long distance businesses. Do you have the know-how to get enough out of your device companion to give you a productive professional life and also make you a sociable person? Here are some advice on how to talk over the phone.

Making Calls


  • Greeting: Always start with a greeting to make what follows a much pleasanter experience. A simple “Hello, Good morning/evening” will suffice.
  • Introduce yourself: Following the greeting, introduce yourself and mention where you are calling from i.e., your department/company or your city.
  • If you are calling to reach someone else, use mild sentences such as “May I speak with…”
  • Hence, the introduction of the call you are placing would sound something like “Hello, Good morning. This is Jane Doe, Editor of Feedpecker. May I speak with Mr. John Doe?”
  • Write down the points that you would like to discuss during the telephone conversation so that you sound sure and organized. That’s a great way to make a good impression!

Answering Calls



  • Try answering calls within 3 rings. The longer the wait, the more anxious the caller gets. If you answer too soon, the caller may not be expecting and may take him/her by surprise.
  • Greeting: Always answer with a pleasant greeting. This puts the anxious/angry/petite caller in a comfort zone.
  • An ideal way to start answering calls is “Hello, Good morning. This is Jane Doe, Editor of Feedpecker. How may I help you?”
  • Be prepared with a pen and note, in case the caller wants to leave a message. This saves time for the caller and also projects you as a reliable person!

Placing Calls On Hold


If you have to place someone on hold, consider these:

  • At all times, ask permission to put them on hold. This prevents a miffed customer or superior. You could ask “May I put you on hold, please?”
  • After returning to the caller, always thank them for holding. This increases your new found popularity!
  • “Thank you for holding” sounds pleasing.

 Taking messages


While taking messages, it will do you good, if you ask and note down the following:

  • Caller’s name and number
  • Their purpose of calling
  • Date and time of call

You can also repeat these details to ensure that you got them right. It positions you as an alert employee!

Transferring calls: Make sure you inform the person that you are transferring their call to where they want it transferred or where they have to be transferred. Example – “Please hold while I transfer you to the Production Department.”

Other Tips

Smile: When you first speak into the phone, smile and speak. The smile is felt in the tone of your voice. This relaxes the other person as well. Do not laugh though!


Tone of your voice: Your mood may show up as the tone of your voice. So make sure you do not speak in a ‘tone’. If you are a front desk receptionist or a person who has to earn by calling people, you will have to get your tone right. Record your conversations so that you know how you sound.

Minimize the use of slang words such as “Yeah” instead of “Yes”. Avoiding indicatory sounds similar to “uh huh” will also go a long way in making a great impression!

Implement these if you haven’t already. Good luck with your next call!


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