Top 10 Archaeoastronomical Sites In The World!

Honorary Mentions: The Octagon Earthworks & The Konark Sun Temple

The Octagon Earthworks, Ohio

The Octagon Earthworks is part of the engineering of the Native American Hope Culture. It dates back to 100-300 AD. The earthworks are a section of other similar archaeological structures situated in Ohio.

Researchers in the mid 1900s discovered that the Octagon Earthworks were built as a Lunar Observatory designed to track the motions of the moon. They are precisely aligned to the cycle of the moon in the night sky. The earthworks incorporate alignments to the 8 major moonrises and moonsets of the repeating 18.6 year Lunar Cycle. The northernmost point of the 18.6-year cycle of the Lunar Orbit is also observed. The moon can be seen rising directly along the axis of the earthworks!

A 19th Century plan of the Earthworks (A & B are the Octagon Earthworks)


By User: (WT-shared) 2old at wts wikivoyage [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

The Konark Sun Temple, India


Image by Achilli Family

The Konark Sun Temple in Odisha, India was constructed around 1250 AD. The temple complex is in the shape of a gigantic chariot possessing elaborately carved stone wheels, pillars and walls. The wheels of the temple function as sundials which can be used to calculate time accurately to a minute including day and night!


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