Top 10 Archaeoastronomical Sites In The World!

Rock Art Site, Kashmir, India

Surrounded by the Himalayas, the Kashmir Valley in India is considered amongst the most beautiful places on Earth. It is also rich in ancient stone carvings.  Bomai Sopore, Kashmir is a region that was occupied during the Upper Paleolithic period, from 20,000 to 6,000 BC. A stone carving etched into the side of a mountain here, depicts a meteorite impact that occurred in the region between 40,000 BC and 6,000 BC.

Image from JAHH 

The astronomical interpretation of this stone carving is consistent with the findings of a meteorite impact. A meteorite leaves concentric rings on the surface it strikes. There are several concentric circles in the carving. The orientation of the rocks indicates that the meteorite entered the region from the north-west and fell in a south-easterly direction.

There are four lakes in this region, corresponding to the four circles in the drawing that infers impact craters of the splintered pieces of the meteorite. Samples taken from one of these lakes, the famous Dal Lake reveal high concentration of 25 different elements including Platinum (34%), Iron (91.7%), Europium (52.2%) and many others typically associated with meteorite impacts!

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