Top 10 Archaeoastronomical Sites In The World!


photo credit: skittledog Sheep don’t care about history via photopin (license)

Maeshowe is a Neolithic chambered tomb in Orkney, Scotland. Dating back to 3000 BC, it is considered to be architecturally outstanding. Its outer part is aligned towards the midwinter sunset position.

The unique event of Maeshowe occurs during the winter solstice, the darkest time of the Orcadian year. In the weeks leading up to the winter solstice, a much Newgrange like illumination occurs. For a few days during midwinter, around the winter solstice, the setting sun shines down the entrance passage into the central chamber, illuminating it. The Neoliths used this light to illuminate their house of the dead during the darkest point of the year!

The interior of Maeshowe


photo credit: skittledog Going underground via photopin (license)

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